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TopSurfer is a breath of fresh air in an industry where at least 95% of advertising programs, products, or services either don't work or are out-and-out scams!

My business is the investigation and in-depth analysis of Internet advertising sources. It is very, VERY seldom when I come across a source that produces such consistently good results as does TopSurfer.

Over the last several months I have purchased 21 of your solo ads, for a total cost of $875.07. (Your solos yield such great results that I now purchase six ads at a time, in order to get the quantity discount.) Those 21 ads have thus far resulted in $6,696.96 in sales!

That's a 750% Return-On-Investment!!! INCREDIBLE!

Another very handy feature is the ability to schedule my solo ads to be sent out on a specific time of the day, on a specific day of the month, for a month in advance. "Set-And-Forget" marketing at it's best!

You are to be congratulated on what can only be described as one of the most consistently profitable advertising sources that I have come across in my ten-year Internet marketing career.

Keep up your UNPARALLELED work!

Stan Stuchinski

Brian also buys a lot of solo-ads from me...

To Stan @ Topsurfer

FANTASTIC Is All I Can Use To Explain Your Service

I have been networking for over 2 years online and NEVER have I received so many hits from YOUR site as in all the others used in 2 entire years from all others.

I also recieved 90% of leads from my leads capture pages from TOPSURFER members.

Anyone out there that does NOT use Topsurfer is entirely crazy as its the BEST ever advertising resource PLUS you make 100% commissions if you resell and that is without your GREAT specials and traffic exchange new pages

Together In Success

Brian Morrison

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