What is a "Frame Breaker"?

TopSurfer loads the member's websites into a browser that is split up into two portions. An upper portion is where the surfbar would be. The surfbar is placed there to enable the visitor to control the navigation, see their TopSurfer stats, etc.
The lower portion is where your website would appear.

A frame breaker is a website that removes the TopSurfer surfbar from the upper portion of the website.

This is an example of a frame breaker:
frame breaker

This is an example of NOT a frame breaker:
not a frame breaker

Why is it called a "frame breaker"?

When the browser is split up into separate windows like this it is considered and referred to as being "Framed".
So a site that breaks out of these frames would be a "Frame Breaker".

Why does my site break out of frames?

There is usually two different reasons that this can occur:
1. There is a tiny bit of code on the site that tells the web page if it is loaded into a frame then break out.
The way to fix this is have the person who set up the site remove the code.

2. The domain name is redirecting to another site and when it does it is loading into the entire browser window and not just the frame it was originally placed in.
This is sometimes the case when you are given your own special domain name that forwards the visitor to a separate website.
The way to fix this is have the person who set up the domain name forwarder to do a "Javascript redirect" instead of a "Meta redirect". And/or load the page that is being redirected to into a frame that takes the entire page.

The other way to fix these problems is create a separate splash page that tells about your site.
Generally splash pages have a few images and some short text that encourages the visitor to click to the next page.
When the person clicks it could open the site in a new window.

Why should I care if my site breaks out of frames?

Most hit exchanges out there will not allow a website that breaks out of frames.
Since hit exchanges are one of the easiest ways to get free traffic to your website this should be a big deal.
Even big companies with affiliates should want to make sure that their web pages comply with all the hit exchanges rules.

Now what do I do?

Fix the problem, depending on the cause of it, then let us know when it is fixed, by logging in and clicking the link in the message that says that your account was paused.