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If, as a wholesale member, you receive 2000 hits to your referral page(s):
(replace INSERT_YOUR_USERNAME_HERE with your actual username)

AND/OR this link:
(replace INSERT_YOUR_USERNAME_HERE with your actual username)

While you are an active wholesale member
AND if you are NOT able to get one of your referrals to upgrade under you,
then you will receive an automatic extension of your wholesale membership.


  • The counters to these sites accumulate together.
    Therefore if you get 50 hits to one
    and 50 hits to the other, the counter will show 100 hits.

  • The counters will not accept a hit from the same IP address twice in a row.
    So you can not AND should not try to inflate your own counter numbers.

  • Your counters will reset when someone upgrades under you.

  • Your counters will reset when you re-upgrade your own account.

  • If your counters have reached 2000+
    AND your wholesale membership has been extended,
    AND then someone upgrades under you;
    your counter will be reset and you will be given 48 hours to re-upgrade.
    Which is to give you sufficient time to re-upgrade.

  • Extensions do not come with any hits.

  • You can only get up to 1 (one) month of extensions at one time.

  • Any cheating in anyway will nullify this guarantee.

  • Counters will appear in the wholesale section of the TopSurfer member's area.

  • Counters also appear on the bottom of the tracked pages.

  • It is each members responsibility to make sure that their counter is functioning properly.
    And that they are using the correct referral links.

  • There are no cash refunds offered with this guarantee, only extensions of the wholesale membership.


Question: What is the maximum amount of days the extension can last?
Answer: 30.

Question: How come my counter started over?
Answer: When your referrals upgrade the counter starts over. It also starts over when you upgrade.

Question: When one of my referrals upgrades under me and my wholesale membership has been extended, will I need to then pay to upgrade myself?
Answer: Yes, if your wholesale membership has been extended and you get one of your referrals to upgrade under you, you will then have 48 hours to pay your fee and re-upgrade yourself.

Question: I have over 2000 hits why did I get a notice saying that my wholesale membership is about to expire?
Answer: This is an automatic system that sends it out regardless of how many hits you have. We do this so that you will be make sure that you either pay it or that you have enough hits.

Question: Instead of an extension can I just get my money back?
Answer: No, this is not a money back guarantee, it only gives an extension.

Question: Will I get in trouble if I view my own referral pages, since it increases my hits?
Answer: Only if you are attempting to view it over and over repeatedly, to inflate your counter numbers.

Question: My counter isn't working when I tested it?
Answer: The counter records IP addresses, and will not increment the counter for the same IP address in a row. In other words it notices that you were on the page recently so it does not increment.

Question: Both referral pages show 1000 hits each doesn't that mean I have a total of 2000?
Answer: No, The counters are the same and both of them are showing the total for both not the total for each.

Question: Where can I get my referral links?
Answer: The links are shown above, but you need to replace "INSERT_YOUR_USERNAME_HERE" with your actual username.

Question: How do I send the 2000 hits to my referral pages?
Answer: The 2000 hits can come from almost anywhere (NOT SPAM). You can tell your friends to look it over, you can give your referral urls to other hit exchanges, or safelists. You can advertise it on classified ad websites. If you currently have another website, you can put banners and links on that site to get people to click on the links.

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