Having Problems?

Here are a few suggestions to fix some common problems.
Most browsers already use these settings but yours may not.

For Internet Explorer:
Select "Tools" - "Internet Options"

One common problem is that the website or the hit credits do not change as you try to surf.
One answer may be to adjust your "Temporary Internet File" Setting.
From the "General" tab click "Settings"

Then make sure that "Every visit to the page" is selected.
"Automatic" can also be used but may not be as efficient.

If that does not solve your problem or if you have another problem.
Try using these settings:

Our count down timer is an animated graphic and
therefore to see it count down
you would need to make sure that feature was enabled.
On the "Advanced" tab scroll down to "Multimedia".
Then make sure "Play animations in web pages" was selected.

Some times the websites that are being displayed
have errors in their scripts or their scripts clash with ours.
To not be annoyed by the error messages, you may wish to
scroll up to "Browsing" and make sure
"Display a notification about every script error"
is UNchecked.

Since we use javascripts on our site you may need to adjust these settings:
Click on the "Security" tab.
Then click on "Custom Level"

From there make sure the following are enabled:

Under Miscellaneous
- Access data sources across domains.
- Navigate sub-frames across different domains.

Under Scripting
- Active scripting.
- Scripting of java applets.

If this does not fix your problem please feel free to contact us.
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