How About a Bribe?

What You Will Get:

Join the program below and smoknig will give you 2000 hit credits
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What You Must Do:

Follow the instructions below and use this link to join-

STIFORP (9 Spillover sales!)

(You also must join or already be a member of

Description and Instructions:

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Click here to Join: STIFORP (9 Spillover sales!)
it will open in a new window.

Once you have completely joined STIFORP (9 Spillover sales!)
using the link and following the instructions exactly that are above

Click Here

and fill out the form to have smoknig give you the hit credits.
Hit credits are NOT automatically transfered, smoknig will need
to transfer them, after they have verified that you have joined using the instrcutions above.

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Username: smoknig
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