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Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization Package From TopSurfer

Help your site rank higher in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo!
What we will do for your site:

Inspect Your Site Our experienced Optimization Specialist will inspect your site and run it through over 40 rules that your site should be following.
Generate Keywords We will analize your site and compare it to your competition and find the best keywords that we should target for your website.
30 Tier 1 Backlinks
(each month)
Building SEO is a careful process of creating the correct type of backlinks. A Tier 1 backlink is a site that links directly to your site. Tier 1 backlinks should be good quality sites that link back to you. Having too many poor quality sites linking to your site can actually hurt your rankings. Therefore, these Tier 1 backlinks are manually made to your site.
We do this by creating short simple videos, presentations and PDF files about your site that include good keyword rich descriptions that link back to your site and we submit the videos to various video and file hosting services that are ranked high by google and other search engines.
1000 Tier 2 Backlinks
(each month)
Once your Tier 1 backlinks are created we will create links to those sites. By doing so we create a line of backlinks that link back to your site.
Email Reports
(each week)
We will notify you weekly about what we have done to increase your Search Engine Ranking. We will also include a report to show you where you are in the rankings.
By doing these steps every month,
your website's ranking should significantly improve.

Just $287 a month
Introdcutory offer just
Offer Expires 7/31/2013  
This is a monthly subscription
You can cancel at anytime.

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