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Get 1 Solo-Ad for as low as:

$8.00 $18.50

for TopSurfer Wholesale Members.
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$16.00 $37.00

for Regular Members.
Sale ends: 06/29/2024

The Fastest Way To Getting Your Site Seen –
TopSurfer Email Solo-Ads 

You enter a subject line for your marketing email solo-ad

You enter the email message that you want sent out in your marketing email solo-ad

You pick an approximate
date and time that you
want it to go out

We send out your email to all our tens of thousands of active, double opt-in members


All our members have signed-up, double opted-in to receive emails sent from us.  You will not be accused of SPAMMING.  Our members actually look forward to receiving these emails as they are rewarded for opening and clicking the link inside.

A Very Clean Email List

Numbers don’t count if it is full of bad email addresses.  Keeping a clean list ensures that email service providers won’t block good email account from receiving emails.  We regularly pause user accounts and remove them from marketing emails campaigns if they have bounced emails from us.   

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